HTC U13 Release Date, Price, Full Specifications, Features, Rumors & News – HTC U13 Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features, Concept, Design, Rumors, Review, Preview, Buy Online, Pre Order and News. HTC the largest smartphone manufacturer has given another opportunity to have high-configured smartphone. We have returned to be seen a new product of the highly configured HTC U series. At this time, HTC is taking preparation to present the newest HTC U13 and HTC U13 Plus Smartphone. The possible technical specifications of the HTC U13 already filtered. The Taiwanese firm HTC is going through its best moment with this high-end device. Other manufacturers are releasing the smartphone in market and other brands are struggling to attract users and generate sales. The company goes along with the way of customer consideration.

The consideration given that it will have much demand than the other devices. This HTC U13 is a Smartphone that will join the catalog entry range 2019. It would be attractive in terms of appearance and with more than enough specifications for a good part of the users. It is true that talking about “input range” with or FullHD screen will surprise some. If you follow the world imported smartphones, these characteristics seem more standard for the basic range this year.

HTC U13 Release Date

We know that the company does not give up going backward. Above all to be considered by customers HTC will make better smartphones. They invest with innovative ideas on the marketing on Smartphone. The HTC U13 Plus will be the most powerful version of the firm this year. This smartphone will have the high specifications that mark as a high range device. Even the fact of having a 5G technology inside makes it special. This new smartphone cannot be revealed before the 2nd quarter of 2019. The HTC knows that it has to wait for the production of new Qualcomm’s SoC in volumes. The expected release date of HTC U13 is Q4, 2019.


HTC U13 Features

Regarding the section of the screen, the filtration leads us a 6.0” Inches inch Quad HD resolution panel with Full touch screen. Its type of panel, everything points to an AMOLED. It is ahead of us that it will have screen metal frames since it opts for a resolution designed for elongated panels. It feels good in the hand although a little rear slides. The explanation is very simple: a telephone built with this material is more elegant, protected through Corning Gorilla Glass 6, has greater grip and resistance to traction. This type of material can also offer a better resistance to pressure and flexion. We know about its design although according to the leaks, it would have a Quad HD + screen that is designed for 18: 9 screen ratios. The choice does not seem so wrong either because the Smartphone with noble materials such as glass, this gives the device a very high quality level.

It is a basic configuration, very far from the most powerful terminals, but more than enough for everyday tasks. It will work well with multimedia, office automation, social networks. In the test conducted with the app “Wifi Analyzer” we have connected to a network of 2.4 Ghz and a router that is about 10 meters, with a couple of walls in between. Perhaps it will come with Non-removable 6300 mAh Li-Polymer battery lead to the evening. It’s good that this device has good performance compared to the high end devices. It does turn on faster, the competitor able to open up basic applications much faster.

A special features to the buttons that HTC has decided to place in this new U13. In this case, they are buttons are practically tactile or pressure sensitive and able to align. Even more to the frame without protruding as usually happens in a new generation phone. The pros of this choice undoubtedly concern the possibility of having a better impermeability but also a greater robustness over time.

On a practical level, you have to get used to, it because you could have with the classic buttons and many users may not like this choice. Numerically we are in the presence of the classic lightly lit button on and off on its surface, then on the same side the volume bar with two buttons and nothing else, not even on the other side if not for the presence of the SIM cart. The rest features the presence at the bottom of a USB Type-C port that doubles as a 3.5 mm headphone jack.


The Strong point of this device is undoubtedly its hardware compartment that allows the device to a perfect optimization by the company, to always fast in every situation, in every operation, in every activity. An experience of impeccable use with the power always right at the right time, little heating, and really a lot of substance. All the rest is the usual connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, GPS Galileo but also the presence of 4 microphones and the NFC module. The ability-supporting 5G network and CDMA, GSM, LTE, HSPA make it more smart device. It also supports Dual Nano SIM.

HTC U13 Hardware

In support of this last verdict, the RF Designer of the company’s products has declared that the internal teams are working intensively on the next top of the range. That will boast the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. In the absence of an official presentation by HTC, rumors and leaks are the order of the day. According to the last filtered image, this HTC U13 would have 8 GB of RAM and and 128/256/512 GB ROM with 256 GB of internal memory. It has the possibility of an external micro SD card of up to 2 TB. His heart will be the new Qualcomm Snapdragon the most powerful processor of the firm to date. As for the new flagship HTC U13 we will have a design suitable for today’s current standards with the squeeze function and a glass unibody body at the front / rear and the metal mid frame. Obviously, it will arrive with the installed Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

At first, we knew a concentrate of technology would far exceed both the performance. The previous autonomy still very modern Snapdragon 845 and the second is the famous Modem X50 successor of X24 LTE / 4G. Now HTC U13 will contain SM8150 coupled to a 5G modem.  It will be the task of making the smartphone compatible with the new fifth generation radio technology all over the world.

HTC U13 Camera Features


A single photograph has almost completely filtered the features of this new HTC U13 that is to come. The camera mounts a sensor, which with software interpolation reaches 25 mp.  It will contain special features especially on the multimedia side, which will have guaranteed the use of a Dual 24 MP Rear Camera. We will have the 25 MP front cameras along with a dual LED flash. In photographic section HTC includes a sensor with f / 1.5 opening equipped with OIS technology, HTC UltraPixel 4 and UltraSpeed ​​AF. Maybe the portrait mode with the selfie is the reason for this double camera.

HTC U13 Image

You can configure unlocking modes or gestures to be used to directly open certain applications. You can also browse the gallery by passing the hand to the left and right of the proximity sensor, also present the smart features related to the fingerprint sensor. That allows you to use the sensor to take pictures, start / stop music playback and answer calls.  In this regard, the fingerprint reader is quite accurate and averagely fast.

HTC U13 Multimedia

The system speaker has a good output power and a good quality of sound reproduction, as practically all the products of the same band lacks a perfect definition of the bass. The lower position of the speaker allows avoiding sound attenuation. The front audio capsule clearly reproduces the voice of the interlocutor and the microphone provides an average clean sound to the listener. It drops slightly when lighting is precarious with the introduction of more digital noise. The same speech applies to videos, recordable up to FullHD resolution. HTC focuses this Smartphone performance with the inclusion of accelerometer, Face ID, barometer, compass gyro and proximity features innovation.

Something that we found innovative and that the HTC U13 maintains is the Edge Sense in its version 2. A function allows you to execute actions when you grab the device. It has HTC Boom Sound, 3D Audio recording, noise cancellation, fingerprint sensor and IP68 water resistance. Finally, according to the leaked specifications, it would have a dual slot for nano SIM, fast charging of Qualcomm (Quick Charge 4+), wireless charging and NFC.

HTC U13 Price

A strange thing for the company in the past has always captured the attention of users for important design innovations.  Now we can only wait for the official presentation and see what HTC has in hand. What is certain is that you need to recover from the fall you are suffering within the mobile market. On average for the price, range between $600 to $700 it behaves more than discrete with good light. Launching a high-end in such a crowded sector forces you to innovate to announce something different. It is a terminal will make you fall in love but without a doubt. It fulfills quite well, with what you can ask a phone for just over $700. If we take into account that it is an entry range currently, it is an interesting product and has a very attractive appearance.

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